A Community of Christ-followers committed to being the continuing presence of Jesus in our community and world.
St. Mark's United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018
Come Follow Christ

Go Team



     The mission of the Go Team is to help the community with physical and spiritual needs through prayer and service. One of the ways we accomplish this is to have a huge “free yard sale twice a year, one in August, the other in February. For a week prior to the event, we encourage our members, or anyone else we know, to bring items to the church that can be used by others. The Saturday of that week, we open the doors at 8:00 to the public. People are given a bag to start their “shopping” with. As they leave, each person is given a bag lunch and a beverage with a written invitation to participate in the next month’s Community Dinner.

The Community Dinner is a way to reach out to the community, an idea suggested by Pastor Kurt. Members of the St. Mark’s church provide a meal and fellowship followed by a spiritual message by Pastor Kurt the third Monday of each month. The Go Team is responsible for co-ordinating the provision of food and other needs, but many of the other church members help to make the dinner a success. We average 30-50 people each month with 10-15 from outside the church.

We serve families of the community through a small Food Pantry. Thanks to the generosity and kindness of our church members, we are able to provide for several families each month. We are in the process of improving our offerings to reach more.

We had a new activity in April for people outside our church family. We had a day of fun and food at a local park. Thanks to our enthusiastic group, we had several games and activities for different age groups and good attendance. An encouragement for another time.

We’re looking forward to continuing to serve the community and meeting the needs both physically and spiritually in 2017.

Lucy Brewer and Holly Cooke